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Command HQ Computers - computer repair and TV repair services
Command HQ Computers - There Is No Rival! - computer repair and TV repair services
graphic design and multi-media production - print and document design, layout, business cards, logo design, sales and marketing materials
graphic design - business cards, logo design, sales and marketing materials
multi-media production - animation, communication tools, marketing and sales materials

Graphic Design


Command HQ Computers offers world-class, professional graphic design and multi-media production.


We specialize in producing creative and unique communications tools that will impress your target market or audience and provide your organization with the engaging materials you need to make your message stand out from the crowd.

So whether it's business cards, brochures, fliers, PowerPoint presentations, document design and layout, TV or web animations, or you need logo design or other marketing graphics, Command HQ Computers can provide you with the stimulating and professional visuals that will elevate you and your message above the ordinary.

graphic design and multimedia production - print and documet design, layout, logo design, business cards, sales and marketing materials

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